Tuesday, November 10, 2009

March of the Tin Potter

Today marks yet another Indian Summer day; overcast, but warm and enjoyable. I'm still waiting for that fall misty rain that always seems to mark November's arrival. Then again, anything that curtails my walks outdoors would definitely hinder my recovery.

I have found over the past few days that walking out on the road has gotten easier and I can go incrementally further. There is always pain; due mostly to lack of muscle tone and flexibility. It's as though I have the physique of an infant trapped in a 200# body. Really hard on the joints!

Aurora is watching Dune tonight. Things she noticed: the Fremen soldiers using the "weirding module" look much like I did with my trach tube in place. The guild navigators had tubes running from the back of their heads to their nose which apparently much like the O2 monitor that I wore in the ICU. That O2 monitor left a groove in my forehead. Aurora and Nancy said that grants me entry into the Dent Head Club. Now we all have dents!

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