Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pain and Torture

That's what PT stands for. Not physical therapy. I have done my years of therapy. It involved lots of talking, and too-soft couches. There is none of that where I do my PT. Just machines that push and pull and prod and creak. Then there are the sounds I make! Creak and groan and wail and gnash and sob.

There's no mistaking one therapy for another. This is the real deal. They are slowly but surely rebuilding my busted body and replacing it with one who just might be able to dance!

Today we dealt with the right shoulder's bursitis, the left shoulder's over stressed muscles, my ongoing pain in my feet, calves and shins, and my abdominal pain from the surgery. Yeah, we hit all that fun in nearly 2 hours of PT.

Somehow though, I wish I could go back tomorrow for more. My ankles and feet feel better after a brutal day on balance boards and wobbly squishy balls. My arms move better after being twisted and leveraged out of their painful locked up state. Best of all, coordination is growing by leaps and bounds. Proprioception is the big word of the week. Can't wait for next week!


Anonymous said...

GO, MAN, GO!!!!!
I saw you working, I heard you grunting.
It's all good!
Love, Granny

Michele said...

A friend of our refers to her physical therapist as her
physical "terrorist!"
keep up the good work.
Michele and Kevin