Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shaved, Shaken and Rolled

Since my first surgery back in September, and through all the subsequent surgeries and recovery, I have seen my blood pressure increase into that zone where it needs to be treated with meds. Bear in mind, I never had high blood pressure prior to this time. The attending doctor decided last evening that it was time to do an EKG to see if anything was wrong (damaged) about my heart. Nope. At least that was what the EKG technician had to say. My surgeon thinks that this high BP is due to the stress of being in the hospital and will likely go away as soon as I get used to being home and start to truly rest and recuperate. Let's hope so! As a result of the EKG, I had to be shaved in yet MORE spots on my body. Suffice to say, I have been shaved or had hair ripped out due to tape or bandages everywhere it seems, except my feet.

It is scary and disturbing to think that all the time in the coma has had such an effect on my body. Being horizontal for over 6 weeks wreaks havoc on your organs, which are designed to be vertical most of the time.

On top of my heart trouble fears, I also had a wickedly brutal two days of PT. Today we went outside again. This time walking on uneven ground using trekking poles to steady me. I didnt really think about how exhausted I was, but when I got to my OT session I nearly passed out. To recover, I sat down in the recliner in my room. Two minutes later I zonked out. I had to be rolled to back to my room because I was so unsteady. Scary.

Now, I am ready to sleep and get ready for my departure tomorrow. I cant believe it is finally time for me to leave the hospital! I will have my own bed to sleep in tomorrow night. I still have about 1/10th my original strength, so even simple things like walking to the bathroom exhaust me. But at least now I can move that far.


Michael Kline said...

Hey Alex,

You reminded me of a scene from 40 year Old Virgin, where Steve Carell has his chest waxed!

I know that recovery is difficult and muscles that haven't been used in 6 weeks tend to get really lazy.

But I'm rooting for you and am encouraged by your fight to recover your wellness. I know it's a tough time for you.

Anonymous said...

hopefully the arrival home will decrease the stress from being in the hospital so long... good luck

Alex Solla said...

@Michael- Lazy muscles hardly describe the level of atrophy I was in when I came to the rehab unit. I couldnt stand, sit, hold a cup to my lips. It sucked.

@Jim- Being home has been wonderful and also scary. I have been gone so long things have changed. It really messes with your head to go in for surgery with green leaves on trees, only to come home from the hospital with those leaves fallen from the trees.

BUT I am home, and things improve daily. I had a great night's sleep last night. Having Nancy beside me helps a lot!

It is incredibly hard accepting that upon returning home I am not magically well. Some part of me expected to somehow feel stronger, safer.... nope. I felt much more fragile, weak, and vulnerable. Supposedly that will change with time, but it sure was alien yesterday.

Michael Kline said...

Alex, after my hand injury several years ago, I couldn't even turn a door handle! I'm glad you're home and begin your comeback in earnest!