Friday, November 20, 2009

Nights are Tough

Seems like the weight of the day accumulates and crushes my body while I try to fall asleep. With less meat on my bones, my knees and ankles are so knobby that they cut off circulation to my limbs when I lay on my side. My arms and shoulders are so out of whack, that when I lay on my side or on my back they either go numb or feel like they are full of fire ants crawling their way out. Tonight my back decided to get in on the fun. As tired as I am (exhausted), I can't sleep because the pain outweighs the fatigue. All of this despite two vicodin, one skelaxin, and an ativan. I should be sleeping like a baby... but this baby just wants to scream.

I know no one wants to hear the bad shit. I try to remain positive everyday, but nights like this make me feel like I am losing my mind. If I could cut off my left arm, just to stop this incessant nerve pain, I would do it. It is absolutely mind-crushing.

Just took round two of heavy meds, hoping for a pharmacological solution to this pain and frustration. I hate taking any medications. But I also need sleep. I think a dose of valerian earlier in the night might help. I worry about adding more to this already potent mix of meds though.


NCP said...

Hello. You may want to try Oil of Evening Primrose for a bit of pain relief and relaxation for sleep. Also, for antiinflammation and joint-muscle pain, an enzyme called Serrapeptase along with a complex of digestive enzymes. Online health supplement sites have the most affordable major brands (get capsules or gelcaps, not tablets). Recommend purchasing a small bottle of each at your local supplement store (NOT General Nutrition!) or Whole Foods or some such first to see if it works for you. Start one at a time for a week to see if it helps, then add the next one.

Also, hospital beds cause more pain than they help. When you get home, order a 3" mattress pad made of memory foam to go under your regular mattress pad and contour sheet. Also, you might want to sleep on a wedge (raises your upper body and reduces stress on your lower body) also made of memory foam with a small pillow under your head. Prop other parts of your body with fluffy pillows -- it's very comforting. There are also discount sources on the internet. I spent $65 on a king-size mattress pad and other sites were selling them for as much as $300.

Pain is a bitch -- and being overmedicated and still in pain is a bigger bitch! I wish you healing and peace.

Alex Solla said...

NCP- So how does one use Oil of Evening Primrose? Rubbed on? Tincture? I have yet to find the Serrapeptase.

As for bed stuff... the bed we have is a serta memory foam bed. Nice and new too.

Nerve pain is proving to be the biggest problem. The Docs want me to take Neurontin... NO chance. That stuff is scary!

Thanks for your suggestions.