Sunday, July 25, 2010

Glaze Tectonics - Another Platter Finds a New Home

©2010 Alex Solla - Glaze Tectonics
9998D - Sold

Today a wonderful woman came into the studio, not long before we were scheduled to close. She and her mom took an immediate liking to our Glaze Tectonics series platters. We get a few folks a week who gravitate towards these beasties. They are huge. Even a small one is over 20#. Today they went home with this one. Now there's a new platter heading to Chicago!

9998D detail - Sold

9998D detail - Sold


Linda Starr said...

congrats on the sale and glad you were able to get some good photos of the glaze, that is huge 20 pounds. what is the diameter?

Alex Solla said...

These platters are MASSIVE. If they were smaller, there's no way they could hold the glaze back. It's hard to explain if you havent seen the violence of these glazes, but they are so destructive. I have seen them tear platters in half from the stress. Then the glaze ate through the kiln shelf like it was butter. Scary fun glazes!

As for size, this one was 15" in diameter. The biggest ones are nearly THREE FEET across. They get close to 100#!