Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday's Pottery Images - Happy Fourth of July!

More pots from the studio. We are starting to see waves of tourists which means that these pots diminish on a daily basis. Speak now or forever hold your peace. Once they're gone... they're gone.

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left to right--- Medium mixer in Pear $80, Large Serving bowl in Turquoise $100, sorbet bowls in pear, Blue, forest $24 ea., blackberry dessert plates $24, small mixer in Robins Egg $60, Med serving bowl in pear $70

TOP ROW---Lime sm serving bowl $48, sorbet bowls in sunset $24 ea., salad plates in lime $30 ea., diner mug in Tangerine $30, oval trays $60 ea.

BOTTOM ROW-- Dinner plates in assorted colors (lots more avail) $36 ea., sm mixer $60, diner mugs in cranberry $30 ea, salad plate $30, Lime sm serving bowl $48, sorbet bowls in sunset $24 ea.

left to right top image -- Lime small serving bowl $48, tangerine dessert plates $24 ea., lime soup mug (the only one!) $36, butter sorbet bowl $24, sm serving bowl tangerine $48, footed mug in Sunset $36, Diner mug in lime $30, sorbet bowl in Butter $24, med serving bowl in Tangerine $70

left to right, second row--- sm serving bowl tangerine $48, sm teabowl in sunset $36, cranberry diner mug $30, tangerine teabowl $40, sunset red footed mug $36, butter sm serving bowl $48, lime sorbet bowls $24 ea., sm serving bowl lime $48, diner mug tangerine $30.

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