Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's pots from the studio

More pots. Prices are posted under each image.
Call or email if you have questions:

607-387-4042 voice/fax

Dinner plates, (lots of color options - call and see what we have!) $36/each.

Canisters, $50/ea.

Canisters, $50/ea.

Canisters, $50/ea. Spoonrests, $12/ea.

Canisters, $50/ea.

Matte Stony Blue small mixing bowl, $60

Salad plates (we have LOTS of other colors too... call and ask what's in stock) $30/each.

Lime Green teabowl with slip trailing and stamped texture, $40

Matte Purple Teabowl, $40.

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