Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday's pots

That's right, if it's Saturday it must mean MORE pots.

Prices are posted under each image.

Call or email if you have questions:

607-387-4042 voice/fax

Oval footed vase, $65
Med serving bowl, $70
Diner mug in lime, $30

In Butter Yellow: Med serving bowl, $70
Small serving bowl, $48

Med serving bowl, $70 Sunset red, Dinner plate, sunset red, $36ea.

Ruffled vases in Tangerine and Sunset $48 ea.
Sunset basket, $100

Butter or sunset teabowl (yunomi) $38
Lime oval pitcher, $70
Sunset and lime sorbet bowls, $24 each.

Butter yellow sorbet bowls, $24 each
Med serving bowl in Sunset, $70
Spoonrest $12

Dessert plate in Tangerine $24 (lots of other colors too)
Dinner plates in Butter, and lots of other colors $36
Oval footed vase, $65 tangerine

Tumblers in Tangerine and sunset $24 ea.
Spoonrests in lime $12
Diner mugs in Butter yellow, $30 ea.
Sorbet bowls in Tangerine (and cranberry in the back) $24 ea.

Small serving bowls in Sunset and Tangerine $48 each
Butter teabowl, $40

Lime oval pitcher, $70
Lime diner mugs, $30
Lime dessert plate, $24
Tangerine spoonrest $12

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