Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seconds vs. Seconds

One sixtieth of a minute.
Not first, not third.
Not perfect, defective.
(and 26 other different meanings too)

We are counting down the minutes (and seconds) that our studio will be open and selling pottery. There's not a lot left...

In order to replace the mountain of pots that sold earlier this month, Nancy and I cracked out the pile of seconds that had accumulated since last June (our 1st Seconds sale). There were enough pots to fill two good sized display tables.

So what makes one of our pots a second? Minor blemishes, pinholes in the glaze, plate bottoms may wobble, odd glaze colors... all make our pots less-than-gallery quality. If they were good enough that someone could put them to good use, safe to eat from, etc... but not good enough to sell at full price as a gallery worthy pot, then they became a second.

What does this mean? Well, for those of you hoping for half-priced seconds.... they are on the shelves NOW! They are all half our normal retail price. There won't be anymore after this lot. They won't be there in two weeks that's for sure.

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