Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tools, Toys and Training

I don't care how you phrase it. Getting new tools for me is like getting a new toy. I love the learning curve of having something that tests my old skills and teaches me new ones. The excitement isn't just the newness though. Somehow for me, the growth part is the exciting aspect. The try and the fail. Both.

Since we are diving into this new photography business with both feet, I figure we need to be ready to make a serious splash. When I started making pots over twenty years ago, my confidence level was nearing its apex. Ten years later, a grad program and a divorce later, my confidence was riddled with bullet holes.

After talking things over with many friends, we're trying to approach this new venture with our eyes looking towards the horizon and not at our feet (and definitely not behind us!).

To that end...
I bought a new camera today. Here's my new baby. I think we need to give it a name.

On top of that, I picked up this tome of an instruction manual for it at the bookstore the other day. Started reading it, and so far haven't been able to put it down for longer than half an hour.
Every now and then I look up, hoping that the UPS truck is backing up our driveway ... with my new camera!


Anonymous said...

You got another camera!?!

What model?

-your kid

Alex Solla said...

Hey there Kid o'mine...
I picked up the D300s. Had a couple features I thought would make a nice dent in our life. Uses 2 memory cards (either for more storage or as backup - just like your Olympus!).
It also shoots video..which I thought could be fun. It has TONS of features that are only apparent when shooting... all sorts of customizations that the D80 never had. And best of all (for hockey!) is that it shoots 7 frames per SECOND!!! Yeah. Fast. My old camera was lucky to pull off 3fps.

I also grabbed one of those lightbox on a stick for our speedlites too. Still need the monopod... but now we'll have the softbox so we can shoot overhead with you or Nan as grip.
Fun stuff!

Brian said...

I think you should name it Nick.

Alex Solla said...

I like that idea Brian-
Reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the father introduces his family... my son Nick, my daughter Nicky, and this is Nick, Nick and Nick.

Love it.

littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

Wow great camera, I know how you feel about getting a new 'toy' I usually go out just to find stuff I can photograph!