Saturday, May 2, 2009

Before Opening

Not a lot of pots on the shelves because.... they are all in the kiln! We had a great week in the studio with tons of new pots being made. Luckily, it was also dry so we were able to turn around two firings this week. I am hoping we can get a glaze firing ready while this kiln cools today and tonight. Sure would be nice to see more pots head out the door next week!

Saturday morning, 8am, and no one in the house is rushing off to hockey, the grocery store or anywhere else. For the most part, sleep is on order. As always, we seem to have a firing finishing, so I was in the studio waiting for it to be done. I saw the light coming through into the gallery and knew I had to try to capture some of it. There is nothing but daylight and shadow in these pics. I thought about turning on the overheads, and then saw these great bolts of color amidst the dark sweeps of shadow. I think I was able to catch some of it. (I guess I'll have to get up earlier tomorrow and be ready to try this again!)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this kind of light. I'm glad you were there to see and capture it. The depth of color just makes you breathe in and say aahhhh!
Cheers! Granny