Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A visit to Schaeffer Irises

This morning, well before I was ready to be awake, Aurora came knocking on my door. "Time to go to Cheryl's, Dad!" So yeah, no shower, no tea, no breakfast... just grab the camera bag and out the door. Light is fickle and fast at this time of the year. Spring light tends to get harsh as we enter Summertime.

Cheryl's irises are reknown locally for every possible superlative. They are beautiful, elegant, profuse, and just plain AWESOME. I have always said I wanted a chance to shoot some of the plants in her garden, but the timing has never worked out. This morning we made our way over there loooong before anyone should have been awake. The only one stirring was her ever-present gardener. With a smile and a nod from her, we were off into the flowerbeds... not to emerge for over an hour. We filled our memory cards and shot to our heart's content. Aurora got some great images, but I will save posting those till later in the week when she's had a chance to edit them. For now, here are a few of mine.

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Anonymous said...

OH, MY!!! your iris images are spectcular. Aren't you glad Bean got you up in time for that delicious light? The color is exquisite. Great work. And I'll be eager to see Bean's photos, also.
Love, Granny