Friday, May 22, 2009

Catching a moment for myself

Today has been one of those days I seldom see. I have had a few brief moments where I could sit and think. Time could pass, I was allowed to watch and for an instant, nothing was demanded of me. With three apprentices in the studio, we are constantly moving pots into and out of the kiln. The studio is a disaster; clay and glaze are everywhere. Some part of me LOVES this and another part is just aghast at how I have totally abandoned any semblance of control.

This is what was running through my head as I laid down on the grass this morning with camera in hand. This dandelion just seemed to speak volumes of control and letting go. For all of our social taboos admonishing us to abolish weeds from our manicured golf-course lawns... I just cant do it. Some weeds I don't like because they have spiky leaves. Other weeds out-compete our favorite flowers. But dandelions are quiet. They have bright yellow flowers. Their seed heads float on the wind everywhere this time of year. To this end, today I listened to the dandelion.


Joy Tanner said...

ahh, nice thoughts Alex. I, too, hate mowing the yard. I have beautiful buttercups that grow when I let the grass get really long...hey, it's kinda worth it...

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Joy. This morning our daughter is outside, 8am, on a saturday no less... weeding one of our flowerbeds. Full of BIG, no make that GIANT purple alliums. She really is set on seeing this bed not become overrun with weeds the way many of our older beds have become. I have only so much time each day, some for the studio, some for the garden... and once in a while, some for me.

I dont know that we really get buttercups here. I dont think I've seen them locally. What we get that is so amazing though are lupines! Wait till this year's batch is up. Saw the first hints of color on spikes yesterday.