Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting ready for our first-ever Seconds Sale in June

Yeah, I know, it's over a month away, but I finished the postcard tonight and figured this would be a nice head's up for anyone planning a visit this Spring/early Summer.

We don't make many seconds, but we've had a lot of experimentation going on in the studio this winter and spring. We have a ton of plates that just didn't come out exactly as we planned. We have some odd one-of-a-kind pots that were orphaned when we made special orders. We have some odd colors and sizes of our usual pots. All sorts of fun. They are all functional and safe, they just aren't up to our standard of excellence. They certainly don't deserve to be landfill. So come on out, find pots at (or below) 50% off our usual retail prices.

It will also be a great chance to see LOTS of pots in our new glaze colors. A few more days till the contest wraps up. Get those entries in this week!

Come wish me a happy birthday and chow down on some amazing refreshments courtesy of Aurora (and maybe dad too). See you in June.

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Linda Starr said...

What a great postcard. I was thinking of tangerine dream for your orange glaze, he he.