Friday, May 8, 2009


Our new colors: Robin's Egg and Pear

Leave it to an MFA poet from Cornell to come up with the most awesome names.

Dana Koster is our winner for both names!

There was an amazing array of names suggested, and some of them were as off-the-wall as the folks who suggested them. And yes, Joe, that means you.

The hardest part of choosing names for these glazes was trying to ensure that they worked with the names we already have in use, but more importantly were memorable enough that gallery owners and patrons would REMEMBER these names when ordering more pots!

I think Dana's names of Robin's Egg and Pear definitely fill that tall order.

Thank you Dana.

And thank you to everyone else who made suggestions! We will have another naming event when I finish the next two glazes Nancy has asked for.... WATCH for them!