Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things Just Might Be Looking Up

Until yesterday, this week had really been a train wreck. Seemed like everything I touched turned to absolute shit. I try hard not to complain about how rough things can be in the studio, but this week.... well, there way to begin to express just how rotten events were.

In order to break the cycle, I took the better part of yesterday off and today created a clean slate. I'll try and post more pics tomorrow of today's accomplishments. For now, let's just say I'm glad the avalanche has slowed or stopped. Too much chaos and not enough rest.

Enough moribund thoughts. Let's move on to a great new image shot from our yard. This skull has been hanging on our tool shed for years. Every year it looks so much worse than the year before. This year, I think the wasps have given up and have let something more heinous move in instead.

Tomorrow: Pictures of today's accomplishments.

See ya then.

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