Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quiet winds, Quiet minds and the kiln is down

Last night I got ready to fire up our kiln, Ursa Arctos... and was, for the first time ever, greeted with the LCD saying FAIL. What? Fail? That's not very optimistic. So I pulled the owner's manual that hasn't seen the light of day in over four years. Guess what? Thermocouple had died. Okay, easy enough. Now we have some on order, but it means this bisque gets to wait till mid-week to be fired off.

In the meantime, way too many flowers are in full bloom or just getting ready to pop!

So after trying to work my way around our kiln delay, I found myself lens-to-bug out in the budding peonies. Caught this ant doing his duty to his colony. Made me sympathize; working around all this beauty, but someone has to collect the sap.

Then I found this allium bloom with a silver maple winged-seed caught in it. Tossed by the almost constant breezes we get this time of year, this maple seed could have ended up just about anywhere.

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