Friday, May 1, 2009

May Brought Flowers and Rain

Daffodils are starting to wane. Most of the color seems to be fading and drying up. Too many weeks without any rain has left most of the flowers looking pretty crunchy. Then it rained and all of a sudden our cherry tree just POPPED!

Not wanting to miss that magical moment where the last of the morning dew was still on the flowers I headed out to take pictures this morning. Caught a few images that really spoke to me about form, depth and color. All that from a little white flower.


Anonymous said...

like the photos... especially the second one, looks like the little orange things are floating in the air.

Alex Solla said...

Thanks Jim. I thought they looked kind of like flying apricots. The sense of scale is totally off-kilter in this image. Tons of fun. Making me think about scale in pots too. Did you read Mike Klein's posts over the past couple days with his HUGE mugs? Same idea. Assumed scale vs. REAL scale.