Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adventures on a Thursday

Normally Thursdays are just another day of hard work on the rehab floor. Today things were a little different. For one thing, I was in a lot more pain (I asked for my pain meds to be decreased earlier in the week)...but more importantly, I got a new walker today. This one is sized for my height and best of all, HAS WHEELS! So I can totally cruise now. The biggest coup today though was walking with just the assistance of the wall. Yep, I was cruising the hall just holding onto the wall... a week ago I couldnt hold a pen or lift a book. Strength is slowly coming back but it is one heck of a growth curve. I have never experienced this level of pain before. Each day there is two to three hours of PT and OT. Today the OT was showering. Two showers in two days. Talk about perfect! The only downside is that it takes about twenty towels and half an hour to shower. I can finally wash myself unassisted which does a ton towards making me feel MUCH more human.

I am slated to go home in ten days. That means I have a lot of healing to do. I want to go home fully capable of climbing our stairs unassisted, of walking from the car to anywhere in the house... it just means I have to keep pushing myself everyday in PT.


cookingwithgas said...

best of luck!
You are doing great and better every day!

Patricia Griffin said...

Bravo Alex! I've been reading about your progress from your wife's posts. (She seems amazing. You're very fortunate to have such a partner.)

Cheering you on from California!

Michele and Kevin said...

Alex--welcome back to earth!

heidi haugen: days with clay said...

clay will be such a breeze after this life experience. wow. i am happy for your recovery and improving health.
enjoy your friday.