Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Best Anniversary Ever

Yesterday was the best anniversary ever. I'm sorry I didn't post sooner; Alex was feeling anxious and asked me to spend the night at the hospital with him. I just traded shifts with his mom so I can tend to my kitties, do some correspondence and get some sleep before going back to the hospital.

Not only did Alex smile yesterday; he TALKED. I have to hold my finger over his trach tube (he's too weak to raise his hands that high) and I have to listen closely, but he can talk!! He told me he loves me, and when our 12 yr old came in, he told her too. You can imagine how that made us feel! There's no anniversary present in the world that can compete with that one.

Alex spent last night breathing on his own, which is a HUGE step towards getting him out of the ICU. This is such a big deal; it's been our goal to get him off the ventilator as soon as possible. Looks like this will be the week it finally happens.

In his physical therapy session today, they helped him sit up and dangle his legs off the side of the bed. It was a challenge, and he needed help to do it, but he was able to sit up long enough to do some side-to-side stretches and some leg lifts. Again, this is a gigantic step forward. Pretty soon he'll be able to pull himself up!

He continues to regain more and more strength every day. I can't help but feel that he's tapping into all of the positive energy everyone has been sending our way. I can't thank you enough. Your support and encouragement helps me stay positive, and that helps Alex tremendously. We couldn't do this without you all. Thank you for a great birthday and a wonderful anniversary.

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