Friday, October 23, 2009

Breaking All the Records

Alex stood 13 times today, sometimes staying on his feet for a few minutes at a time! Yesterday he was worn out after standing twice. He stands with a walker, and just now to move from his recliner to his bed, he stood, turned his body by taking a few steps, and sat, all with VERY minimal assistance.

It's incredible how quickly the improvements are happening. He's coming along really quickly. He even shaved himself today! I've several times thought that I could go back to work, only to find that Alex needed me more than ever; I think I can truly say that he's going to be too busy and too well attended to need me all day long! I'm planning on going back to work part time next week. I just have to figure out what the schedule needs to look like.

They took his feeding tube out (ouch) and suddenly real food sounds and tastes good again! He's lost the IV hookup that was in the back of his left hand, too. The only tube he has is his trach, which will disappear within the week. Part of his surgical wound is still open and requires daily dressing changes, and then of course there's his colostomy bag; he's starting to look like Alex again!!!

The sense of humor's back, too, which is a good thing because rehab can be rough. Tonight our friends Jeff and Judy from the Cayuga Lake Creamery brought 4 pints of ice cream, which we were very happy to dip into! We shared with the night nursing staff, and they all gave all the flavors a thumbs up! Thanks for the goodies, J&J!

This weekend visiting hours are from 11am to 8:30pm and Alex will be looking for people to chat with! Please feel free to come see him! If you saw him at all during the last month and a half, you'll be surprised to see how far he's come.

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