Friday, October 30, 2009

Food For Body and Soul

Today was another exciting day on the rehab floor. The big deal today was all the walking... yes WALKING... first with a rolling walker, then with two canes. I walked the entire floor. Exhausting but very rewarding. Then we practiced getting me up and down real stairs in the stairwell. I also was allowed to try walking with no assistance while cooking in the PT/OT kitchen. I Was asked to help with today's baking project: pumpkin crunch bars, which ended up like a cross between pumpkin pie and pecan pie. Great taste. The big deal while cooking was the standing unassisted for nearly an hour. Very exciting to be trying more independent each day!

Tomorrow and Sunday are our days off. My body is exhausted and in a fair amount of pain. Getting two days off is a purposeful part of PT. They know we need time to heal and recover. It also gives me a chance to meet guests who come to visit (and time to email!!).

Now it's time to zonk and ice my sore body parts.

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