Friday, October 16, 2009

Now We Live in Stockholm... in "Stockholm Syndrome," that is. Actually it's ICU Syndrome, and I think that both Alex and I have got it. Having your circadian rhythms disturbed while being trapped in a room and helpless, with people poking you with needles and feeling like you're going to choke all the time has got to be a form of torture. In fact, it is exactly the kind of thing people have used to torture others...but it is what also happens when you're in the ICU.

Combine all of this with the cocktail of drugs Alex has in your system, and it's enough to drive anyone bonkers. He feels powerless, he can't communicate, he's in pain, and he's hallucinating. Whoever thinks that painkillers are a recreational drug has a screw loose.

So, yeah. This week has sucked. I've spent less than 20 hours at home all week, "sleeping" in the ICU for 5 out of 6 nights. We're hoping that on Monday Alex will pass the milestones they're looking for in order to move him into the Short Stay Surgical Ward. They say the change in location will help immensely. No more monitors beeping at you all night, no more constantly being wakened for (sometimes superfluous) care and procedures, no more staring at the same 4 walls.

Please keep your fingers crossed and pull out your lucky talismans this weekend. We're hoping for a move from Stockholm to Ithaca on Monday.


Judy Shreve said...

You two have been through so much and come so far -- gosh I hope this part of the healing goes quickly. I'm know you'll see a noticeable improvement when Alex can move out of ICU. I sure hope so. Still praying for you guys . . . you are stronger than you know!

Alex Solla said...

Thanks, Judy. I am so ready for him to move to the next ward... fingers crossed!