Thursday, October 22, 2009

Outta the Ballpark!

If the last few days have been good, today was "Outta the Ballpark" on the scale of good to incredible.

Alex had a SHOWER after a month and a half, with the help of the Occupational Therapists. That was wonderful enough, but later in the day he had an hour and a half massage from a friend who is a PT and MT. It was amazing.

In between, he had PT, fed himself breakfast and lunch, and rested. Then Carol and Marc came to visit during his massage. A great day all around.

This rehab unit is amazing. Everyone here loves their job, everyone is calm and collected, and yet an amazing amount of work gets done. Alex has improved his strength, endurance, and dexterity in measurable amounts, even over the course of one day!

I'm glad that he is in a space to be able to have visitors now, because that will give me some time to take care of some things. For instance, the insurance company is refusing to pay anything for the anesthesia for all of the surgeries. Can you imagine? As if anesthesia weren't "medically necessary"?!?! Sounds like something out of a Monty Python sketch. ("...Can we have your liver, then?")

So, insurance companies notwithstanding, we had a great day and look forward to another one tomorrow.

Thanks to Mary Ellen and Joe, and Carol and Marc for coming to see Alex. It meant a lot to him, and it really helps to pass the time in the evening.

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heidi haugen: days with clay said...

way to keep your eye on the prize.....alex is on the mend, instead of focusing on the insurance issues.
keep after them, but don't let them dampen your joy.