Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Steps Towards Freedom

Today being Saturday, we have the day "off" from PT. What it really boils down to is that we get just 1/2 hr of PT and that's it for the day. The PT nurse was someone new who'd never worked with me but was willing to pick up right where my usual PT nurses left off yesterday. The best part was that she had many different techniques and approaches to essentially the same movements.

The best part of PT though was more walking. This time it was different. The PT nurse decided it was time for me to try it without the assistance of the various appliances we've been using. Instead I held her hand lightly (didnt really need it) and walked down to the nurse's station. On the way back I had to stop and hold onto the wall for a minute. It is extremely exhausting walking any distance still, but doing it freehand required so much more concentration, focus and strength that I was just exhausted after my walk. It was a fantastic sense of freedom. This was the farthest I have walked and it was just a hint of what is to come this week as we prepare to send me home. I may end up walking at home with a cane for a while as I regain my strength and stamina. So much muscle to grow back still.

That was Saturday. A day "off" but still a day of learning and pushing this body to relearn how to walk and move. More fun tomorrow!


Mike Barber said...

Keep at it Alex! I'm so glad to see you are recovering well.


bz said...

Hot damn Alex!!

I'm glad you're doing so much better. I hope to see you soon once I get planting done at home.