Sunday, October 4, 2009

Inch by Inch...

Gee, I guess there's a huge overriding theme to all of these posts, eh? How many more metaphors or expressions can I come up with for slow progress?

Today when I left the hospital at 2 they had lowered the pressure setting on Alex's ventilator another notch. One step closer. His vital signs continue to be good, and he's resting comfortably.

The nurse noticed a rash on Alex's abdomen, on either side of his incision, but far enough away from it to not be incision-related. It could be some kind of simple surface skin rash; it could be evidence of some kind of infection or abscess in his belly. The surgeons palpated his abdomen and found nothing unusual. The fact that his temperature remains at basically normal and that his vitals are all good would support the notion of a simple skin rash. We're going to have to watch his temp, and if it goes up, do another cat scan of his belly. There's more film of this guy's abdomen than some actresses have in their whole career.

If all remains well, we may be able to move forward to the tracheostomy this week. Wouldn't that be something? Please keep those prayers coming - we're getting close!

I had a lovely surprise visit from my aunt and uncle, plus my cousin, her hubby, and their wonderful toddler. Just what the doctor ordered! It was nice to hear a little happy voice in the house. Yay. Thanks for coming to see me!!!

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judsculpt said...

Haven't been reading the pottery blogs of late as I had been working to get an agreement and work signed off,so with that finished ,i read today about Alex,
I hope he continues to improve and i send my prayers to you for his recovery