Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Day of Large Improvements

It seems that today, the day I had to spend in the studio for our Art Trail Open Studio, was the day Alex chose to have major breakthrough. I missed it. I'll miss it again tomorrow because I have to be in the studio again. I'll see him in the morning when he's still sleeping and in the evening when he's just gone back to sleep after being put through his paces all day....sigh. Oh, well.

Today Alex sat up in the recliner for 4+ hours, and was breathing well enough that they took him completely off the ventilator for part of that time. And he held his own in the breathing department!!! His nurse said he looked comfortable for all but the last 2o minutes of his time in the chair, whereupon she gave him some more pain meds and got him back into his bed.

They put him back on the ventilator for the night, and gave him a little more sedative so that he can sleep, but tomorrow they'll get him up and working again.

He was more cogent today than yesterday, and was able to nod or shake his head to reply to questions about his pain and comfort levels. His mom held her phone up to his ear and I talked to him. She said he was trying to say something; his mouth was working but he couldn't get sound out. I'm not surprised, after all, he hasn't spoken for 3 weeks and he's had a tube in his throat.

So I may not get to see his eyes open for my birthday because I'll be in the studio, but I might get to see them on our anniversary, which is Monday. I like that thought.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Great news about the breakthrough. I hope Monday brings more healing and recovery, a celebration of returning health for your anniversary. Wishing all the best for you guys.